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FAQs about being in a fleet

* Q) What is a fleet for?

  • A) There are many answers to this question depending on the fleet that you join. Some fleets focus on different aspects of the game including PVE, PVP, role playing, Max Leveling, and socializing. No matter what at some point you will want to be in a fleet for end game content. The game can only be played solo for so long before you run out of story lines and want to take on the challenge of working with others on a team and will need a fleet to get the max level elite gear. Although I have heard stories of individuals that have taken alternate toons and made a fleet completely by themselves; I am sure that they must have taken a very long time and payed thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so with the higher level dilithium requirements. Here in I.Q. we we tend to be more friendly than most of the max level fleets and try to combine the whole social aspect with max level/end game content by sharing builds and strategy with each other. We all feel that sharing each others builds and strategy is more fun and better for the fleet as a whole as compared to keeping how your doing that much DPS a secret from your fleetmates. We have also heard of large fleets with commanders that act as such booting all of the members but their friends/founders after the lower ranking members had worked diligently to reach the fleet to max level.

* Q) What can I get from the fleet?

  • A) In our opinion as a fleet the most elite of gear in STO is available from one of 2 places. The first of these places being the reputaion system by combining a proper combination of sets to obtain set powers. We all have opinions about what the best sets are and why and as part of the fleet we will gladly share those opinions with you. The second of these places being from high level gear available only from a high level fleet. In IQ we can get a wide array of some of the top notch gear and have worked hard on our fleet holding tiers and keeping thier provisions stocked in order to do so.
    • Fleet chat: our fleet chat channel does get used for a few reasons including showing off a reward you just got from a mission, callouts for fleetmates who may want to join you running mission, to answer simple questions, and to welcome new members and direct them to information about the fleet (like this website). If for some reason you are trying to get something answered though please don't take it personally if we miss anything that is said in chat as it is sometimes hard to keep track of everything while you are playing the game (something all of us actually do in I.Q. unlike fleets that only recruit).
    • I.Q. channel: Please feel free to join this channel to keep up with all of our members/fleet friends while they are on other toons that may be in other fleets or factions. We use it to call for invites to PVE. Anyone can ask in chat for volunteers to do a mission if you want to go along feel free to type a single character into chat (we like to use an "f" so that we can have everyone "f up" for invites….LOL hehe juvenile but hilarious none the less). To join this channel type "/join I.Q." into chat.
    • Team Speak: My comments on my toons in fleet read TS = TeamSpeak = Typing Sucks because its true…sometimes it just sucks trying to type something out in enough detail in chat for someone to be able to understand it and it is so much easier to just hit a button on the keyboard and say how to do it. Same definitely goes for when you are in battle and pounding keys left and right to stay alive there is really no time to type directions into chat so we do have a teamspeak channel provided to us by Brielle cuz she is awesome like that

* Q) How can I get on board and help my fleet out?

  • A) Well 1st things 1st are to hang out in game and be friendly, helpful to new and old members (yes us old timers learn a thing or two every once in a while from noobs too), and share a funny thought or two in fleet chat. After you have a good helping attitude then there are nearly always projects under the fleet holdings tab that are open for donations. By donating to these projects it will help our fleet grow in its ability to provide gear to its members. This act is not selfless however when you help grow the fleet in this way because by donating to these projects you also help yourself earn fleet credits which you will need in order to get the fleet gear that will make you into a bad-ass in game :-D as well as it makes it so that as a fleet member you grow the fleet so that the fleet can give you even better gear and make you an ever bigger bad-ass. :-P We do try to keep our roster at a number that is both good for growing the fleet through having enough active individuals but at a number that keeps it from being like many max roster fleets that move projects along so quickly that you almost do not have time to donate to a project before it is on cooldown.

* Q) What should I donate?

  • A) ANYTHING!!! But seriously while anything will of course help to move a project along there are many things that always seem more difficult to come by in game than others.

* Q) I really like I.Q. and want to bring over an Alternate toon to the fleet…is that allowed?

  • A) I personally like to answer this question with a heavy dose of sarcasm and big capital letters saying "OF COURSE NOT" followed by a bunch of exclamation points while I simultaneously point out how many alternate toons (and even alternate accounts) that many of our fleet commanders have in the fleet. When looking at the roster of offline players and paying close attention to the at handles you might notice that a fair majority of the fleet consists of alternate toons. The reason for this is multi-fold including the challenge of building a new toon with a new more fun play style, farming purposes to help donate more to the fleet, or alternate accounts with access to different areas of the game (ie cell ships or freighters). Personally I have toons that do nothing but farm dilithium and doffs for the fleet that are level 40+ that have never even bothered to rescue the Azura yet…lol LOL TLDR So long answer shortened anyone in the fleet will be allowed to bring over alternate toons for any reason that they like.

* Q) Why is your Roster so small?

  • A) Its a good thing I'm a guy who is secure enough not to take that question too personally….Seriously though we grow the roster very slowly with only a few new members at a time so that we all have time to help them acclimate to being in our fleet and learn their way around while we get to know them because we enjoy having quality company around to talk to.