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Fleet Marks

Fleet marks are probably one of the more profitable things to donate when it comes to earning fleet credits with a conversion rate of one mark = 50 credits as well as something that we do usually need for nearly every project in the Que. We will quite often go out on a team to do fleet mark runs and top off projects together so feel free to watch for or call out some shout outs in I.Q. chat so everyone can "F up" (LOL…sorry it's funny every time) and join you on a team to show off and represent I.Q.

Favorite Grinds

  • Starbase fleet defense - 20 person mission (4 teams of 5) that have to defend the starbase and its facilities from an invasion; will reward more fleet marks based on how much of the starbase and its facilities survive; most times worth around 100-200 marks; can be a bit long & sometimes difficult to obtain max marks in a PUG but still well worth the time
  • Federation Fleet alert - 5 man team needs to fight off 5 waves of enemies that attack the starbase; generally very easy (especially with OP fleetmates) and fairly short amount of time normally rewarding about 50 marks
  • Mine Trap - 20 person mission (4 teams of 5); defending a ground mining facility from an incursion of Salt Vampires; normally takes about 30-40 mins no cooldown and can be done over and over again because of this but takes a long time to Que because it is not a popular event
  • Crystalline catastrophe - 10 man mission with 2 teams of 5 that have to destroy the Crystaline entity that is being protected by the Tholians; rewards 5 fleet marks plus a choice of marks package
  • The Breach - 5 man team attacking a Voth Fortress ship; rewards 5 fleet marks plus a choice of marks package; does take a long time to complete and has a cool down
  • Defera Hards - 3-5 man teams on the ground completing the hard missions for the four areas on Defera; easy to do with an experienced team; rewards fleet marks and Omega marks as well as character bound rare gear; 20hr cooldown