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Dilithium Grinding

Our Favorite Useful repeatable Dil missions

- Breen Dailies (you have to complete most of the breen mission block to access these) (worth 2400 dil altogether less than an hour for most toons)

  1. Aiding the Deferi (Daily): mission is a daily that is available after you complete the mission "Cold Call." You must complete three separate mission for this mission to be rewarded 1440 dil 2976 skill points and 2598 expertise
  2. Rescue Deferi Captives (daily): One mission, available after completing the mission "Out in the Cold," that will reward 480 Dil, 992 skill points, 866 expertise, and 100 diplomacy XP
  3. Emancipation (daily): One mission to complete for 480 Dil, 992 skill points, and 866 expertise; also available after completing the mission "Out in the Cold"

- Asteroid Mining (up to 2,000 dilithium available daily) (need an E.V. suit but there are plenty available easily from your fleet mates/fleet bank just ask)

  1. Ishil - Vulgata asteroid field - 99 skill points and 86 expertise
    1. 5 mining sites worth up to 200 dil each if you are able to score over 700 in the mini game (also rewards crafting materials)
  2. Fleet dilithium mine
    1. 5 mining sites worth up to 200 dil each if you are able to score over 700 in the mini game
  3. FIXME STF's (2880 dilithium for 3 quick matches with a 1 hr cooldown)
    1. The three elite versions of PVE are fairly easy when running with your fleet mates. We can easily tell you what is going on and what the strategy is if you join us in teamspeak for a run.
      1. Each of Infected the Conduit (elite), The Cure Found (elite), and Khitomer Vortex (elite) all reward 960 Dilithium as well as Omega marks and neural processors that can be turned in for dil
        1. 50 marks = 500 dil & 5 processors = 1000 dil(recommended not to spend these until you have made tier 5 and have all the gear you want from the rep)

- Dyson Sphere Battlezone (Ground) (must be level 50 to enter the dyson sphere)

  1. Daily repeatable missions worth 1800 dilithium (60 X2 zones captured + 1680 for the missions)
  2. Hourly repeatable mission worth 480-960 dilithium
  3. Every zone captured rewards 90 dilithium
  4. Final objective worth 60, 120, and 240 for 1, 2, and 3 objective completed respectively with bonus based on how many zones you have captured
  5. Zone Completion rewards
    1. 720 dilithium rewarded for every V-Rex at each of the three silos that are captured if you are on the map at the time the V-rex is killed and have met a (presumed) damage threshold
    2. Noted Dil rewards upon completion 4680, 2520, 1080 (will appear as 5400, 3240, and 1800 most times because of the added 720 from killing the V-Rex)

- Traelus System - Satellite Repair

  • 480 dil, 992 skill points, and 866 expertise
  • can be done in 15 mins on most toons less than 5 mins on a good toon
  • Sequence for the first satellite (2nd can be done in any order)
    1. Replace Damaged Fuses
    2. Re-align Solar Array
    3. Alter Electro-plasma flow rate
    4. Initialize subspace dampening field