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Auxiliary To Battery

  1. This build reduces the cooldown of all of your Bridge Officer (BOFF) abilities to their minimum cooldown thereby allowing you to only need to use one copy of each ability
  2. You will need:
    1. A ship with either 2 Lt. Engineer slots or 1 Lt. Commander engineering slot
    2. 3 technician duty officers on active space duty
      1. the ones that reduce cooldown on Bridge officers abilities with the use of emergency power to auxillary power to battery
      2. you need 2 purple quality and 1 blue but 3 purple will work best
  3. This build is not recommended to be used with any abilities that are dependent upon auxiliary power because your aux power with each use of auxiliary to battery but all of your auxiliary power will be dumped into your other systems
  • you can set up your 7 bar if your using the hilbert guide and see the triggering order while in orbit of ESD
  • you can get purple technician doffs from completing the B-tran Cluster DOFF missions