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Combat Log Trackers/DPS

  • What is a combat log tracker/DPS? - A combat log tracker is a separate program on your computer that reads the in game combat log to add together how much damage was done then divide by the amount of time it took to deal that damage to calculate how much DPS or damage per second has been dealt.
  • What is the point of knowing my DPS then? - The only way to improve upon a build is simply to have numberic proof for yourself whether or not you are doing better or worse when you change something on your build. If you are just guessing if you did better after a mission by saying "That felt like it was easier to kill those badies this time than the last time" you are leaving yourself open to quite a few variables that cannot be accounted for. When you use a damage tracker you are able to see numeric evidence of whether you did better or worse.
  • Is it a violation of the EULA to use a program to track damage in the game? - Generally speaking most damage tracking program are not a violation of the EULA. In order to break the EULA your damage tracking program would have to also alter your DPS in the game as it is dealt and interfere with STO's programming. So if you are using a program that does not do anything but run in the background on your computer and read the logs from the game to give you information about the combat then you are not breaking the EULA. Combat log trackers even have several postings with directions on the STO forums and in game channels that are dedicated to using and tracking DPS that would be shut down quickly if they were a violation of the EULA.

DPS Parser - Beta

  • #1 recommended by IQ Commanders
  • Absolutely the easiest to use DPS parser
  • Directions on the site are self explanatory just download, run the program, start and stop the combat log then upload by double clicking the icon

ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker)

  • I have the program now what am I supposed to do with it?
  1. You will need to install a plugin that will allow ACT to read the logs in STO (FYI: ACT can work with almost any game if you have the right plugin for it). I have found 2 different plugins that have been written for STO.
    1. Hilbert Guide: I am currently using v2020 and have not had time to compare combat tracking logs between the two versions or to the other plugin listed here
    2. Aria's Plugin: Found this plugin while reading some posts on reddit about combat log parsing: I have not tried to use this plugin as of yet but according to the postings it accounts for more accurately than the hilbert guide's parser. Also the reddit post has some very nice detailed instructions on setting up ACT to export DPS to your clipboard so that you can paste the DPS into chat.
  2. Whichever parser you choose to use the process for using it is the same. You will need to copy the text from the link and place it into a blank text document (like notepad in windows). Once you have the copied text pasted it into the new document you will need to save it somewhere on your computer (remember where you put it you will need to help ACT find it later). To save you will need to click "File" → "Save As" → use the drop down menu "Save As Type" → choose "All Files" then you can name the file whatever you like followed by ".cs" at the end of the file which will allow ACT to use the file.
  3. Once you have chosen a plugin and saved it as a ".cs" file you will need to tell ACT to use this plugin. To do this open ACT → click on the "Plugins" tab → click the "Browse" button and find the file that you just created then click the "Add/Enable Plugin" button.
  4. Now we have to point ACT to the combat log for STO to allow realtime DPS tracking (this step only needs to be done once). To do this you need to be ingame and tell STO to create a combat log by typing in chat (any channel) " /combatlog 1 " then you can switch back to ACT and click the "Options" tab click the "Open Log" button then browse to the STO combat log (it will be named Combatlog.xxxx.xx.xx where the X's =
    1. Steam users will find the log at: …%steamdir%\steamapps\common\startrek online\Star Trek Online\Livelogs\GameClient
    2. STO users: …Cryptic Studios\startrekonline\live\logs\gameclient
  5. Once ACT knows where the combat log is you can start using it ingame but you still have to manually start and stop the combat logs or else ACT will calculate DPS for the entire time that you have been in combat while playing STO. Best practice is to before combat type "/combatlog 1" into any chat channel run the combat then type "/combatlog 0" at the end of combat, then after viewing all the data in ACT click the "Clear Encounters" button to clear the data before starting the next log.
  • I personally prefer a combat parser than can be used to look at other fun tidbits of data to see how well you did if you are not playing the part of pure damage output. For example you may be playing the tank and want to see how well you are pulling aggro from the other players. You can accomplish this by looking at the tab for "Damage Taken" and compare your number to the numbers of your team and know that you pulled the aggro if your number is significantly higher than theirs and that you did a really good job if you didn't die constantly. Another example is if you are playing the support role of healer you can look at the "Healed" & "EncHPS" columns to see if you did better or worse healing this round after changing your setup. Really the possibilities are endless as to what you can look at and interpret for data. I am still learning my way around ACT as it is a complex program so if you find something useful please let us know in game so we can post the information about it.

Combat Log Reader

  • This is the Official combat log reader for the DPS channels in STO and can be downloaded
  • Personally I have not tested this tracker as of yet and from what it seems it focuses only on DPS and cannot be used to evaluate support roles ingame as you can do with ACT