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Probably the second most entertaining Viscous Cycle I have ever run with the first being the first time while in Teamspeak with Big Omega (as with most things between Big and Scardey we let the euphamisms get a bit off color)

[Team] [email protected]: Hello Team. Want to play an STO drinking game…take a drink everytime she says the word "Maw."

[Team] [email protected]: Drink!

[Team] [email protected]: Threw up twice already.

[Team] [email protected]: From alcohol or voice acting?

[Team] [email protected]: Once from each. ;)

[Team] [email protected]: Good game

[Team] [email protected]: gg thx

[Team] [email protected]: thanks all…for good game and entertainment

[Team] [email protected]: dont fly drunk xD

[Team] [email protected]: XD

[Team] L'Vannah P'urK D'[email protected]: High fly high

[Team] [email protected]: if ur not a klingon lol

[Team] [email protected]: cus they always drunk xD

[Team] L'Vannah P'urK D'[email protected]: two words

[Team] L'Vannah P'urK D'[email protected]: Romulen Ale

[Team] [email protected]: aye